The Guillet/Cinq Mars Family
Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse was one of the early pioneers of New France.  In consequence, his children married into many of Quebec's first generation immigrants.  Many of the descendants of these families have created web sites!  In our direct family line, some of our ancestral grandmothers'  families also have sites!!
A note: Most of these sites are bilingual, some are in French only.
Mathurin Guillet, the oldest son was born in Trois Rivieres on November 7th 1649. He married Marie-Charlotte Lemoyne (daughter of Jean Lemoyne and Marie Chavigny) in Ste Anne de la Perade on November 11th 1681.  He became a rich Montreal merchant and one of Ste Anne-du-bout-de-l'ile early settlers.
Madeleine Guillet, the oldest daughter was born in Trois Rivieres on October 9th 1650. She married Robert Rivard dit Loranger in Cap de la Madeleine on October 28th 1664.  Robert was the brother of Nicholas who was his wife's uncle!
Jeanne Guillet, was born on November 14th 1652 and was the first child baptized in Cap de la Madeleine. She married Mathieu Rouillard on June 26th 1667 on the Cap. 
Marie Guillet, was born on October 13th 1658 at Cap de la Madeleine. She married Jean Baril about 1674 in Batiscan, Quebec. Marie died young on October 20th 1681. Their daughter, Marie Catherine Baril married Jacques Massicotte.
Marguerite Guillet, was born on August 17th 1660 at Cap de la Madeleine. She married Pierre DesHayes around 1676 in Becancour, Nicolet, Quebec.
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Louis Guillet, was born on June 4th 1657 in Trois Rivieres. He married Marie Trottier the daughter of Jean-Baptiste and Genevieve de Lafond on January 18th 1682.
Catherine Guillet, was born on February 16th 1656 at Cap de la Madeleine. She married Jacques Massé dit Beaumier on November 18 1669 and in a second wedding Sebastien Provencher, widower of Marguerite Manchon on May 14th 1691.
Charles Cinq Mars, was born in Lotbiniere, Quebec on October 25th 1856.  He married Athanais Nadeau on July 28th 1884.  Her ancestor was Ozanie-Joseph Nadeau.
Joseph Guillet dit St Mars, was born in Batiscan, Quebec on January 5th 1760.  He married Brigitte L'Heureux on January 16th 1786.  Her ancestor was Simon Lereau dit L'Heureux.
Aimé Cinq Mars, was born in Lotbiniere, Quebec on September 16th 1895.  He married Aurore Daigle on November 10th 1926.  Her ancestor was Jean Daigle dit Lallemand.