Louis Guillet - his baptism (in Latin) and his church wedding registry entry
Bap.         Louis Lajeunesse
louisborn on the 4th of June 1657,
Guillet ditfather  Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse
Lajeunesse      mother Jeanne St Pere
by me (Jacobus Deleplace?)
was baptized under the conditions
and with due ceremony
June 17, godfather was Claude
Houssard, godmother Judith
On the eighteenth day of the month of in the year
one thousand six hundred and eighty four after the
publication of 3 marriage bans between Louys Guillet
twenty seven years of age son of Pierre Guillet et
Jeanne Saintpere His father and mother of the parish
of Cap de la Magdeleine Evesche of Quebec on one
hand  and Marie Trothier daughter of Jean
Trothier and of Geneviesve Lafond Her father and
mother of this parish in the said evesche on the other hand
I the undersigned Missionary priest  took their mutual consentment by their presence and having found no impediment gave them the nuptual blessing in the presence of  Nicolas Rivard and Pierre
Lafond who signed.  Louys Gillet
Nicolas Rivard Pierre Lafond
Volant Missionary Priest.