This is a 1919 photograph of the parishioners of Saint Louis de Lotbinière.  It was taken in front of the church.  Charles Cinq Mars and his wife, Athanais Nadeau are very likely here  BUT sadly no one is still alive to tell us where they are in the crowd!!
Charles Cinq Mars
1856 - 1927
Charles, the son of Aimé Cinq Mars and Caroline Hortense Goudrault was born in Lotbinière on October 25th 1856.  His godparents were Sabin St. Mars and Caroline Bélanger.

The Quebec census of 1871 stated that his father, Aimé Cinq Mars was 47 years old and a navigator.  His wife, Caroline was 49.  Also living in the house were Arcadius 19, a farmer and a student and Charles, 14 years old and going to school.

The Quebec Census of  1881 for St Louis de Lotbinière, counté Lotbinière gave us the following information on Charles Cinq Mars:

SexAgeOccupation Marriage status
Cinq-Mars, Aimé:M   58FarmerM
Cinq-Mars, Hortence F    59wife      M
Cinq-Mars, Charles   M   24        Farmer
Cinq-Mars, Arcadius M   29Farmer M
Cinq-Mars, HonorineF    28                             M
Cinq-Mars, Albertine        F              6        student
Cinq-Mars, Alice F      5
Cinq-Mars, Eva   F             3
Cinq-Mars, MarieF             1

In 1881, one can see that Charles was 24 and not married.  His brother, Arcadius was living at home with his wife and children.  On July 8th 1884 when he was 28 years of age, Charles married a schoolteacher, Athanais Nadeau, the daughter of  Michel and Eléoza Perusse.  She was a descendant of Joseph Ozannie Nadeau who arrived in the New World in 1660. 

Listed below are the children of Charles and Athanais:

Caroline Hortense - February 4th 1886
Marie Antoinette - 1887
Rose Antoinette - May 4th 1888
Emile Arthur - October 12th 1889
Marie Louise - October 12th 1889
Louis Philippe - November 3rd 1890
Gustave  - August 24th 1892
Jeanne - March 4th 1894
Aimé - September 16th 1895
Juliette - April 28th 1898
Marthe Antoinette - August 13th 1900
Henriette - November 9th 1903

The Quebec Census of 1891 for St Louis de Lotbinière, counté Lotbinière gave us the following information on Charles Cinq Mars:

Cinq-Mars, Aimé:       M           69                            V
Cinq-Mars, Charles:  M           34Farmer       M
Cinq-Mars, Athanais:F            31
Cinq-Mars, Hortence:       F              5
Cinq-Mars, Antoinette:    F              2
Cinq-Mars, Louise:   F              1

It is mentioned here that Aimé, Charles and Athanais knew how to read and write.  Charle`s father, Aimé was now 69 years old.  He passed away in 1893.  It looks like he spent his last years living with his son and daughter-in-law, Athanais.  Charles died in Lotbinière November 19th 1927 at the age of 71.  His wife, Athanais passed away a few years later on August 28th 1942.