Aimé Cinq Mars
1823 - 1893
Two early photographs of Lotbinière:  The waterfront as seen from the cliffs beside the church and the parish church of Saint Louis built in 1818.
Aimé Cinq Mars, the first child of Abraham and Marie Gouin was born on November 23rd 1823 in the parish of Saint Francoix Xavier of Batiscan.
His baptismal record reveals that his godfather was his uncle, Joseph Guillet dit St Marc, whose descendants today still live on the family farm in Batiscan. On February 18th 1851, Aimé married Caroline Hortense Goudrault in Deschaillons, Quebec.  She was the daughter of  Germain and Félcité L'Hérault.  I'm not sure how many children they had.  Listed here are the ones I'e found:

Arcadius: ~ 1852
Charles: October 25, 1856
Philippe: August 21, 1860
Henriette: ~ 1861

The Quebec census of 1871 stated that Aimé was 47 years old and a navigator. His wife, Caroline was 49.  Also living in the house were Arcadius 19, a farmer and a student and Charles, 14 years old and going to school.

Aimé was the church warden of the parish of Saint Louis de Lotbinère in 1879.

The Quebec Census of  1881 for Saint Louis de Lotbinière, counté Lotbinière gave us the following information on Aimé Cinq Mars:

SexAge  Occupation Marriage status
Cinq-Mars, Aimé:M   58FarmerM
Cinq-Mars, Hortence  F   59wife             M
Cinq-Mars, Charles    M   24Farmer
Cinq-Mars, Arcadius M    29Farmer       M
Cinq-Mars, Honorine F    28             M
Cinq-Mars, Albertine         F      6student
Cinq-Mars, Alice  F      5
Cinq-Mars, Eva    F      3
Cinq-Mars, Marie         F     1
( Arcadius had married Honorine Boisvert in Deschaillons Quebec on September 29, 1873.  Listed below them are their children.  Since this is one household, they are obviously living with Aimé and Hortense).

The Quebec Census of  1891 for St Louis de Lotbinière, counté Lotbinière gave us the following information on Aimé Cinq Mars:

Cinq-Mars, Aimé:M           69      V
Cinq-Mars, Charles:   M          34 Farmer       M
Cinq-Mars, Athanais: F           31
Cinq-Mars, Hortence:        F             5
Cinq-Mars, Antoinette:      F             2
Cinq-Mars, Louise:     F             1

It is noted that Aimé, Charles and Athanais know how to read and write.

Aimé Cinq Mars finished his days (he died in 1893) living with the family of his son, Charles. Was this in his house or theirs, I do not know (yet!!).